Sermoneta gloves

100% Made in Italy haute couture

To produce a pair of Sermoneta gloves, 28 processing steps are required, combined with the skill and precision of at least 10 craftsmen who, with expert hands, create patterns, cut and pack the leather.

The leathers used come from the best farms around the world. After careful selection, the leathers are washed, bleached, dried and then dipped in different shades. The cutting phase follows this process, which takes place according to the model and the size to be made. The shape of the thumb follows a particular procedure and is made individually.Then we move on to the "smasso" phase in which, with the use of a cardboard gauge, is determined the width of the glove, while its length is defined starting from the thumb joint.

The smassed piece of leather is placed on the steel gauge and sliced. Immediately after, the forks, or fingers, are cut. All parts of the glove are then joined together with the seam. The lining, in fur, silk or cashmere, is inserted into the leather glove in the last phase of its packaging.

Buckles, bows, leather buttons, jewel buttons, zippers, sequins, rhinestones and other imaginative fashion elements complete and personalize each Sermoneta glove with an exclusive touch.

We have been making our gloves by hand for more than 50 years

Every single fabric requires dedicated tools and precise chiselling techniques to perfectly cut such fine weights: from hallow cutter with a particular blade to scissors sharpened by the expert hands of craftsmen of centenary companies. After the fabric is cut with hallow cutter, the shape of the glove is carefully finished by the work of the scissors. The sewing also requires the use of machines that are constantly overhauled and registered by skilled mechanics because the lighter the fabric, the more it tends to slip.

Sermoneta tailors, for over two generations, have finally manufactured gloves at the ideal temperature for that particular material they are working with, based on its composition and thickness, to maintain optimal conditions . Only Sermoneta's craftsmanship can guarantee the anatomical perfection of the lines that perfectly follow the contours of the hand.

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