“It has been like a click and then we met

me and the gloves. ”

I've always been a color fanatic.

In the 60s there were only black and white. I made the leathers dyed according to the tones of colored pencils, starting from 40-50 pastel colors and gradually adding new and unpublished ones. At the time, no one would have imagined shocking pink or royal blue gloves.

Each Sermoneta glove expresses a unique style with an unrepeatable charm, distinguished by craftsmanship and the highest Italian tailoring tradition projected towards the future.

Stile, tradizione e qualità

La qualità dei dettagli unita alla varietà e disponibilità dei modelli fa di Sermoneta gloves un’azienda leader nel campo del design italiano, continuando a garantire le lavorazioni artigianali di sempre, secondo standard immutati nel tempo.

I clienti di Sermoneta gloves in tutto il mondo, quando cercano un guanto, vogliono proprio quello autentico 100% made in Italy di Sermoneta gloves. Una scelta che li contraddistingue perché sanno che decidono per l’eccellenza. Un gesto di vero lusso che accomuna clienti Sermoneta famosi e meno famosi.

Famiglia Sermoneta

The Sermoneta family

Sermoneta gloves, a luxury brand of Italian fashion loved all over the world by follower of quality and style, is managed by the Sermoneta family: first of all by Giorgio, founder of the company in 1960s with the first store in Rome, in Piazza di Spagna, and by their sons Aldo, David and Sharon.

The family carries on with continuity, innovation and respect for tradition, the choices that have made the Sermoneta brand strong: style, quality, passion for the product and attention to the customer .

The company is fully inserted in the international fashion system among the best Italian brands for entrepreneurship and creativity.

The Sermoneta family is an explosive core of collective energy.

The renowned Sermoneta collections are born in this particular alchemy of incessant exchange and comparison.

Giorgio Sermoneta

Giorgio Sermoneta in the 60s opens his first family-run artisan workshop in Rome and starts his entrepreneurial activity in Piazza di Spagna with the inauguration of the first shop specialized in gloves. A strong step against the tide in a market where the models were mostly black or brown and were generally used to protect themselves from the cold.

Giorgio Sermoneta, anticipating the success of the made in Italy accessory by almost twenty years, transforms the glove into a cult object and relaunches its image, introducing for the first time a range of bright and unusual colors for ever more sophisticated collections.

These are the years of Prêt-à-Porter and Giorgio Sermoneta, optimizing times, production and distribution costs, manages to offer to the market an excellent product at an excellent price, gaining a growing public.

Giorgio Sermoneta just needs to look at a person's hands to identify the size and suggest the most suitable model. As each hand is different, it asks to put on the perfect glove in terms of shape, color, model, style, function of use and aesthetic taste.

Each hand expresses, wearing its glove, a message and a language of personality.

Even today, in the shop in Piazza di Spagna in Rome, it is possible to meet Giorgio Sermoneta while personally welcomes his international clientele. A ritual that he loves to repeat despite his many commitments, because by staying in the store and selling comes out the whole philosophy of the Sermoneta gloves brand. It is made up of authentic ingredients such as the unique techniques of personalized assistance and combined sales to experience, tradition, craftsmanship, creativity, quality, foresight and entrepreneurial dynamism.

This exclusive recipe of international success is transmitted to the staff of Sermoneta stores all over the world through an intense and in-depth training program on going.

From his shop in Piazza di Spagna, which still retains the old sign with the name Sermoneta, the rise of the brand has begun. And from those walls, with the contribution of the new generation, the expansion of the new stores began. All located in prestigious urban settings, in the heart of the shopping districts of the big cities.

The renowned Sermoneta collections are born in this particular alchemy of incessant exchange and comparison.

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